Service Profile Brewing the Beer

Required ingredients: malt, water, hops, yeast
What is malt?
Normal barley or wheat used for brewing which, after the harvest and approximately
6 weeks rest is changed through germination. By doing this a transformation occurs
in the grain. Enzymes develop in the roots, which spread out through the whole seed
and ensure, for example, that the starch is dissolved during the brewing and can be
converted into sugar. At a known transformation point ( this would be determined
analytically ), the water is extracted from the seeds through a drying process
(depending on the seed, between 60 - 130 C ).

Water extraction at 60C:
the malt maintains a light colouring and the enzymes are all preserved
suitable for a light beer in particularly Pils.

Water extraction at 130C:
the malt is black and is therefore also called "coloured malt".
The enzymes have all been destroyed, therefore this malt has no
influence over the production of the beer, apart from on the
colour and the taste. For this an extra 3-5% is enough.